All that matters is how many projects you run at once:

5 projects $ 20 /mo
10 projects $ 30 /mo
25 projects $ 60 /mo
40 projects $ 90 /mo
Take Red Pen for a spin. Free for 14 days.
Can I archive old projects?

Yes. In fact, we encourage this. If you hit the project limit, you can archive projects you no longer need. And you can revive them if you need them later.

Am I locked into anything?

Absolutely not. There are no contracts, obligations, fees, or smoke ceremonies required. If you cancel, we will refund you for any unused time.

Is there a free plan?

There’s a free, basic version that has no projects— just single uploads that you can share that last for 20 days. Give the free trial a go and after it’s over, your account will be basic.

Why should I choose Red Pen?

We’re making Red Pen for us— because we’re designers. We know how tough it is to get everyone involved in projects without unnecessary distraction. We’ve wanted something where it’s completely effortless to speak up or ask a question. Where everyone is exactly on the same page. This is it. We make it and continue to push it to further this goal.

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