Design better together.

Scratching our own itch

All we wanted was to get feedback from our design friends. Between emailing, Dropbox, Droplr, Skype and Facebook we got our feedback. But it was scattered, it was lost, it was never clear enough.

So, we tried every design feedback app out there. But they shouted: they were big! feature-filled! could do anything! solved every problem!— and with that they were overwhelmingly complicated. The tools became the distraction. We just wanted something simple, so we made it.

What motivates us

We want to make feedback an egoless standard; an indispensable part of the design process. We want to do our part to encourage designers to seek feedback and not praise. To enable designers to truly collaborate with every discipline that make up a team.

Here’s how we’re going so far


Designs uploaded


Feedback posted


Collaborators invited

We’re not a project management tool

We keep our focus simple: we are about visual collaboration and the documenting of it. We want you to get your point across.

Tools get complicated when they try to be everything. They check every box, but the real people who want to use them don’t use them. We’re not a project management tool. But we do play nice with them. Drop a Red Pen link into the existing way you communicate: Basecamp, Slack, Jira, Trello, whatever and Red Pen’s simplicity extends the experience.

User experience over features

We want to foster an effortless, cohesive experience to make the feedback process feel completely natural. We say we’re fast because fast is important— it means the system keeps up with your thoughts. When we decide to make a feature, it must serve the cohesive experience. It must better the life the person who uses it. It exists only for these reasons.

Friends of Red Pen

We couldn’t have made it this far without the honest feedback and help from our lovely friends. They are our fiercest critics. We are grateful for them.

Jesse Dodds


Ben Taylor

Shiny Things

Dom Gaudioso

One Kings Lane

Justin Edmund


Diana Mounter


Chelsea Otakan

Chris Lloyd


Whitney Komor

The Best Day

Angus McLachlan


Jordan Staniscia


James De Angelis


Tate Johnson

The Best Day

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Griffith University

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Cru Digital

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