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From the beginning, our goal has been to make collaboration super-fast. No matter where your colleagues are in the world, if you work with visuals we’ll help you collaborate with your team effortlessly.

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Explain your thinking

Point and click to give feedback. Everyone sees comments live as they happen. And we’ll show you who has the page open. It feels just like they’re standing next to you, without the annoying hovering or pressure.

Get everyone involved

You can ask colleagues and clients for feedback by giving them a private link, or inviting them via email. We don’t restrict the number of collaborators you can have, so you’re free to get everyone involved.

Organize with projects

When a design has many states, screens or alternatives, drag them in together to make a project. We’ll keep your team updated about comments, additions, and new versions.

Keep track of versions

Each image can be easily updated or replaced whenever an iteration has been made. We’ll keep track of the versions for you.

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Haven't found a quicker way to get an image out for feedback. Nice work. Danaan Clarke I love Red Pen so much. So easy to use it's fun, and the small details that make such a difference everywhere. Ploff!!! Eduard Giménez It's been a while since an invoice made me smile, thank you. #happytopay Tony Burrett Dig this fast way to share designs and get comments in a painless web app #niceandsimple Gregory Mastrianni Zovafit team are loving your service... Well done! Niall McCarthy If you haven’t experienced @redpenapp yet, get on it. Super simple collaborative tool for fast feedback. Charles Riccardi @Rogie had it on his wall. I HAD TO check this out! It looks to be a great tool. We should use this all the time. Eric Lauer DUDE. - NOTHING comes close. Joe C. Red Pen just changed my life - brilliant for product feedback. Greg Isenberg 3 apps I use everyday to run my business: Red Pen, 1Password and Evernote. Brian Kaufman Best freelance resource from 2013. Robert Williams We are in the office yelling at each other about this thing, it is already saving us time. Dan Nolan Teamwork makes the dream work! makes this possible. @designosource I actually prefer @redpenapp. Beautiful design and some fluid experiences. Charles Riccardi So glad I found you. Just what I’ve been looking for. Alex King @BreakingNews @RedPenApp I love both of these so much. Jordan Staniscia Shoutouts to companies doing it right: Red Pen was loved by a client recently. Taurean Bryant I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Red Pen is profoundly awesome. Andrew Wilkinson Man. Red Pen is how all apps should be. Simple as hell and it just works. Lee Simpson Gotta love a company that says no bullshit on their homepage. Yossi Red Pen just changed my life - brilliant for product feedback. Greg Isenberg I'm such a fan of Red Pen, so much easier to communicate w/clients! Shila Griffith Red Pen is a hella quick way to get feedback on mockups. Dustin Senos Using Red Pen is a dream. If you need to proofread text in a PSD, or give other feedback, this. Desirae Odjick Loving Red Pen: incredibly simple and very useful way to get quick feedback from anyone. Dylan Jones Been using @RedPenApp for a project at @Mangrove and lovin’ it. What a great way to give and receive live, annotated feedback on designs! Jan-Paul Koudstaal Stumbled on this pretty awesome (read: simple) tool for getting design feedback. Matt Davidson Sweet simplicity! Big Spaceship I <3 @RedPenApp James Alexander "Redpenning" is a thing now here at Lyst. Mathias Vagni Just wanted to say how awesome is your app. It changed my workflow forever. Thanks a lot guys. Greg Meridjen Red Pen where have you been all my life. Maurice Cifuentes An amazingly simple feedback tool for designers. Luke Chapman Pretty glad Red Pen exists. Cole Townsend Almost every client I've sent comps with Red Pen used it to give feedback without any prodding from us. Jamie Wilson Red Pen is a fantastic design collab/feedback resource. Rogie New favorite thing IN THIS WORLD. Emily Robinson Bruce Lee of collaboration apps. Basim Abu Just wanted to say Red Pen is one of my favourite things ever. Tom Bryan

Speed is our difference.

When we first launched, thousands of companies and freelancers responded to our stance to make “effing fast feedback”.

Everything in Red Pen is designed for maximum efficiency— you don't need to signup to try the product; designs load instantly; notifications appear live; and there's clever keyboard navigation.

We’re designers. We made this for ourselves because there was nothing else out there. We hold Red Pen to the highest standard.
Here’s more of our philosophy.

And if you’re still not convinced…

Unlimited collaborators

You shouldn't question who you want to invite. We want you to get everyone involved. There are no limitations to invites.

Highly praised support

As a feedback company, we pride ourselves on giving the best support; and being responsive lightning-fast. Drop us a line.